Thursday, September 3, 2009

love u baby!!!

At times we dont appreciate things wen its already there,as itz natural behaviour by many of am i, i dnt realy appreciate tingz wen it was there and here i come regreting for thingz i have took for granted.jz dropping by to say tat i missin u badly.."missin u" is jz a simple word which i could express to u nw thro dis,bt the ammount of yearning for ur love and presence is priceless for me witch i cudnt replace with anything...i love you and missing u baby in this present moment and i promiz i wil alwiz there to cherish u wit al d love and warmness u alwiz needed..this missin momentz you gave me is creating a great impulse to me nw..tanx 4 makin me realizing ow much u worth for me..i truly appreciate watever u hv done for sorry if i hVE hurted you in any means..

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Carynn Josue said...

awww.... so lovely of you..
she'll always in your heart.. have faith..